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90% Mental.

In the wake of everything going on worldwide surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, many of my favorite businesses have released campaigns on social media encouraging their fans and followers to stay home, practicing social distancing so we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming sooner than later.

Nike released theirs as ‘If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.’ This hit close to home for me because when I was much younger, as many kids do, I dreamed of being a professional athlete, endorsed by a brand like Nike, despite not being as athletically gifted as some of my peers. Their campaign helped unearth some great childhood memories from football camps and pickup games- in some cases these memories are all that’s left. While reminiscing is great, I actively choose not to live in the past.

The campaign that hit me hardest was from Alpinestars. While a bit pricey, I swore by their protective gear on the motocross track, as do many other athletes in various motorsports.

credit: Alpinestars

90% mental. That’s just it. I’ve always been a ‘head down, mouth shut’ guy. Shut up and work, nobody cares how bad you have it, what you did or didn’t come from- people care about consistency, mental strength, accountability, and the ability to adapt and overcome. How are you going to react when shit hits the fan?

Upbringing doesn’t mean shit.

Education doesn’t mean shit.

Likes & Followers don’t mean shit.

Nobody wants to hear your excuses.

Nobody wants to see you point fingers.

Nobody gives a shit about what you did yesterday.

“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased - and rent is due every day.” –JJ Watt

As I’ve taken a step back to analyze my own life, goals, and decisions, action makes things move, but self belief keeps them in motion. It truly is 90% mental. Breaking old habits, starting new routines, getting back in shape - anything – is all inside of your head. Nobody has to believe in you but you. It’s only a crazy dream until you do it.

Stop the negative thoughts & self talk.

Change your thinking, change your life.

Sending love to my friends who deal with anxiety and depression and cope with it by going to the gym, socializing, and being in a general routine that gets you out of the house. I wish you the best during these next few weeks and please do not hesitate to call or text me if you need to talk.

Much Love.


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