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Let's Give This A Try....

The past few months I've been AWOL from Horsepower & Pizza. I don't know if it was a lack of motivation, a creative block, or if I was really just THAT busy, but when I saw how long it had been since I last posted a video on YouTube, it was time to brainstorm.

In late September, I took a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland for the unsanctioned H2Oi event. Having not been to OCMD in years, I have 3 words: BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. Blair (@frs_3005) describes it as Project X with cars, and honestly, I couldn't describe it any better myself. I met so many great people, and saw a ton of amazing builds. While this was the prime opportunity for filming and creating, it was also my vacation, so I opted to only film a bit. In the little that I did film, I played with my newest additions to my arsenal, an iPhone gimbal and another drone (DJI Spark). I'm still getting the hang of the gimbal, but expect a video on YouTube soon enough!

Back to the brainstorming: I don't want to neglect my brand. This website and the affiliated social media accounts are my baby, and I'm not putting the effort forth, nobody will do it for me. The best way to grow is to network and diversify. Being that this is Horsepower AND Pizza, I'm working on incorporating pizza into the content more. I'm going to try a new content schedule where you'll see more content, and regularly. As follows:

Monday: Pizza Monday pizza review video (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & IG)

Wednesday: Podcast (YouTube and right here on the website)

Friday: Blog (

Subscribe on YouTube, and follow @horsepowerpizza on Twitter and Instagram for extra content than listed above!

I'm really excited to take this on and dedicate more time to it. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! Much Love.


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